Ocean Hills Community

Two Sides on the Oceanfront

A population density of only 2 people per square mile, secluded yet only one and a half hours from an international airport with connections to any city in the world using either your own private jet or a commercial aircraft.

The town has ample infrastructure with restaurants, supermarkets, swimming pool, elementary/high schools, and nearby college. 

The town of Gander, Newfoundland is nearby and it includes many of the usual stores like Walmart, McDonald’s, Canadian Tire, etc… All the essentials are never far away.

Your home site will be on the ocean in one of the most beautiful and unique locations on the planet.

The local community still has the pioneer spirit of the original settlements from the first residents of England who came here in 1497 when they landed in  Bonavista and lived and prospered for over 500 years without a store, transportation, or a doctor. In this first retreat into new found land you may wonder; how could they prosper?

The Abundance of Fish and Vegetables ensured they never went hungry in the summer. They stored vegetables in “natures refrigerator;” a root cellar and dried and salted fish to get through the winter. The original root cellars from that time are still here.

A wonderful introduction to a better culture where the people are as rugged and independent as the rocky terrain.

The stop signs and stop lights tell it all.  There are none, and none needed.



Turn key move to a new place, we can provide a temporary furnished,  home while your home is being built

Safe, Safe, Safe

A lovely modern convenience home with a choice of two ocean views.

Self-sufficient home off the grid, electric or no electric, or electric and solar likely to far away to be an EMP problem

Low population density.

Abundant Fish, and Vegetables, 

An electric car with solar in garage charging 

4 wheeled ATV

A garage


All you need is to bring your camera and personal items.

When? We are asking for an expression of interest, and then will arrange to answer questions

Would you wish to reserve a temporary home now to live while your home is being built?

Price will vary by the house plans and accessories you choose

  • Mild Summers and Winters, some snow
  • A Canadian Province
  • A family retreat
  • Secluded but accessible
  • Miles of Hiking Trails nearby
  • One day air travel from any where in North America, or Europe, Asia 2 days
  • Diversified like minded culture with an European influence
  • Island in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Beautiful Ocean View Properties
  • Good Infrastructure Hospital
  • 6 Churches
  • Good Restaurants
  • Good Schools
  • A new canadian province acquired in 1949
  • Abundant food growing land
  • Abundant Fish Cod, Salmon, Lobster
  • Gardens, and Vegetable Farms, Super markets
  • since year 1500, a hearty God fearing people
  • English speaking
  • Good Internet services
  • Government postal service
  • Best Island hopping boating power and sail
  • Boat lifts and maintainence
  • Bank
  • post office
  • International airport within 1 1/2 hours.
  • Runway accommodate the largest Jets  Service
  • Private Jets and Commercial Air Service.
  • Purest air 2,000 miles from major sources of polution
  • Fresh clean island air

Furnished homes and Office Building

available for move in tomorrow.

Ocean Front Land for Building new homes to suit
Sizes from under 1000 square feet
to over 5000 square feet.

This community developed by vision of a family who yearned for a life style of smaller population town on the Ocean
Acceptable Climate, where he could raise his family in an area where people were hard working, honest, church going, Safe no crime.
Local food supply, On or off grid electricity, good educational system elementary school through college.

The family with a multi generational history of  successful past history of surviving economic downturns and wars and survived with little or no money.
The family chose this area, albeit with some short comings, as the best compromise of low density population and safety,
Professional and Legal services, fisherman, others tourists, retirees, or second or third home.


The Wildlife

See a mighty humpback whale breaching! Red fox will scamper into view or spot a Tern swooping to catch a fish or a majestic eagle.

The Titanic is Part of Our History

The Titanic sank just 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland and the SOS they sent was received by the our light house. For a little piece of history check out the display at the Long Point Light House.

Thank you Greenland

After months or even years the huge blocks of ice that are calved in Greenland are picked up by the Labrador current. The raw unattractive chunks of ice are morphed by wind, rain and slapping waves until their beautiful unique character is revealed and they become the magnificent icebergs that grace our shores. 

Their glorious journey comes to a close as they melt and dissolve into the atlantic that surrounds our island. The perfect vantage point to take in their ephemeral beauty is from the trails of Ocean Cliff Trails. 

The Beauty of Ocean Hills

We have so much to show you!

Are you a hiker? Are you a Golf enthusiast? You should check out our other websites!

Newfoundland has some of the best hiking trails in all of Canada! We’ve developed the hiking trails in Twillingate and built a haven for hikers, adventurers, and anyone who loves beautiful scenery and fresh air!

We call it Ocean Cliff Trails!

Have you ever played soccer golf? You’ve never played golf quite like this! We’ve developed an array of new and interesting golf games and activities for you to enjoy in the fresh Newfoundland air.